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Team Building Activites

Boatyard Wars

Boat Yard Wars BuildingAre you willing to go down with your ship? This unique, exhilarating group activity will be the talk of your company for years to come. Each team is given a supply of cardboard and duct tape and must devise a plan to build the ultimate sea worthy vessel! Two crew memebers then get in the boat and sail it from one end of the hotel swimming pool to the other.

Teams will have the opportunity to 'purchase' items from the junkyard to assist with building their boats. These item
s might include: balloons, milk jugs and water bottles, floatation devices, duct tape and additional card board. All aboard for a swash-buckling great time your group will be sure to remember!

Game Show

Game Show This Jeopardy style, interactive show with all the bells and whistles will overload the fun meter! Questions vary from TV trivia, music, arts, science, history and much more. We can customize the questions to your specific topic. Our Game Show is a fun and interactive way to review important information. Also available are: Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune and The Newlywed Game for Rehearsal Dinners.

Segway Obstacle Course

Segway Obstacle Course After a brief safety lesson, each participant will navigate through an obstacle course on a Segway PT testing their balance, strategy and memory. The course focuses more on agility and mental acuity rather than speed. The selfbalancing Segway PT is safe, fun and easy to ride.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Photo Scavenger Hunt Teams are each given a camera and a variety of clues leading to secret places and objects around the facility. The participants must collaborate to identify the clues and snap a photo of themselves with the item. Groups are then scored on accuracy.

Outcast Survival

Survivor Team Building

The ultimate reality team building event! This interactive team game gets everyone involved and excited. A series of team events will unfold to show how well team members work together to accomplish the tasks. The audience then votes the players off the team eventually bringing you to one ultimate survivor. The challenges range from physical to mental; and while we don't make anyone eat bugs, it is amazing what kind of disgusting food can be found in the grocery store!

"We were amazed at how you were able to involve 200+ people with the two teams of seven each."

- Kathy, DTA

The Apprentice

The Apprentice

Teams of 7-10 people work together to create a new product from random supplies and 'bring it to market'. They are evaluated on creativity, originality, marketing and presentation.

What to look for in a Professional Entertainer:

#57: Does your Entertainer attend yearly continuing education seminars at industry conventions in order to stay in touch with the latest trends and information?
#58: Can the Entertainer provide reference letters from a variety of customers?

"The 'Survival in the PA Outback' theme was excellent, and you tied in dentistry really well. Additionally, you masterfully pulled together our theme of 'Team Building.'"

- Kathy, DTA - The 'New' DMA